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Be ready for the season’s first snowfall with a new snow blower from The Home Depot. There are several different types of snow blowers to consider, including cordless snow blowers, battery-powered snow blowers, electric snow blowers and gas-powered snow blowers, which are available in single-stage, two-stage and three-stage snow blowers.

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

You might think of snow blowers in terms of small, medium and large, but snow throwers are actually classified in stages. A single-stage snow blower is perfect if you live in an area that only gets light, fluffy snow a few times a year. It has a single high-speed auger, which is the corkscrew-looking part that gathers the snow. In a single-stage snow blower, the auger does all the work. It scrapes the snow off the ground and propels it out of the chute. A single-stage gas snow blower can clear 6 to 12 inches of snow. The blower is usually about 22 inches wide, so two passes should clear an average sidewalk.

It’s important to remember that a single-stage snow blower will make contact with the pavement. So, you shouldn’t use it on gravel. Single stage snow blowers typically are not self-propelled. If you’re clearing heavy, wet snow on a steep uphill path, consider a two or three-stage snow blower.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers
Two-stage snow blowers throw the snow twice. First, an auger lifts the snow and ice. Then, an impeller forces it out the chute—throwing the snow up to 10 feet farther than its single-stage counterparts. The auger does not touch the ground, so it’s safe for use on pavement and gravel.

A two-stage gas snow blower can handle heavier, deeper snow—up to 2 feet deep. These blowers are usually self-propelled and have a wider base, which means you can tackle more snow in a shorter period of time.

Three-Stage Snow Blowers
Like the name implies, a three-stage snow blower has 3 stages. First, it picks up the heavy, wet snow. Then, it chops up the snow and forces it up into the impeller at a faster rate than a two-stage blower. Three-stage snow blowers are ideal for moderate to heavy snows up to 2 feet deep and can throw the snow up to 50 feet. So, these are the strongest and most efficient snow blowers you can find.

Features to consider

After you’ve found the best snow blower to meet your snow removal needs, now you want to look for some of the features that will make the job easier. Some important features include power steering, multiple speeds, speed control, one-hand operation, headlights, heated hand grips, chute controls, drift cutters, electric start and easy-turn capability.

If you’re in the market for a new snow blower, the Fall is a good time to shop. You typically can find snow blowers on sale in early October or before the first big snowfall of the season. The Home Depot carries the best snow blowers in all the top brands including Cub Cadet snow blowers, Ariens snow blowers, Toro snow blowers, Troy-Bilt snow blowers, EGO snow blowers, Honda snow blowers and much more


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