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Ice Dam Guys® offer roof snow removal for both residential and commercial buildings.  We shovel snow from pitched roofs and flat roofs alike.

It can be hard to tell what weather Mother Nature will throw at you next, or even what kind of attention your roof might need right now.  Here are some guidelines for when you might want roof snow removal (for which we use shovels, roof rakes and the occasional snow blower) versus ice removal (for which we use steamers):

When roof snow removal is a really good idea:

Remove Snow from your Roof– If a snowstorm dropped 6+ inches of snow on your roof

– If your roof has 6+ inches of snow from several storms

– If you have a flat roof

– If you’ve had a history of problems with attic insulation and/or ice dams

When you may need more than snow removal:

[singlepic id=94 w=240 h=180 float=left]- If the snow looks hard—as though it’s become ice

– If you’re a homeowner and have icicles hanging from your gutters, roof overhangs or soffits

– If you’re a business owner and have giant plumes of ice attached to the vertical surfaces of your building

– If you have water leaking inside your home or business

Call us at 1-800-ICE-DAMS for same-day or next-day roof snow removal, or to schedule a future date and time for us to come by.  You can also contact us here.

Please note that we’ll need to give priority to ice dam removal removal jobs when there’s heavy demand for ice dam removal.  (It’s usually an emergency or near-emergency.)


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